• Sophie Boudet-Dalbin

    Docteur en sciences de l'information et de la communication (SIC) de l'Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, je travaille sur la distribution des contenus numériques.

    Ma recherche doctorale, pluridisciplinaire, est une étude prospective qui vise à trouver des solutions concrètes pour la distribution des films par Internet, en mesure de dépasser les stéréotypes et de réconcilier les motivations et contraintes des divers acteurs économiques, créateurs, publics internautes et entités nationales.

    Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences at the University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, I focus on digital content distribution.

    My PhD, multidisciplinary, aimes at finding concrete solutions for digital distribution of films, that would outreach stereotypes as well as reconcile the motivations and constraints of the various economic actors, creators, audience, Internet users and national entities.

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    Film Distribution Through The Internet: Sociocultural, Economic and Geopolitical Stakes

    PhD’s finished, defense due in December. To be continued!



    With the growth of the Internet, the future of cinema is at stake. ICT ushers in a new era whose main characteristic is the instant transportation of data. The way society, the economy and copyrights work is undergoing dramatic shifts. New uses of technology are swiftly embraced and the volatility of models demands an adjustment of strategies so that technological development does not clash the right of owners’ fair payment. Territoriality is disappearing as a notion and property is being questioned as a concept. The State tries to adjust the different legislations in force and engages in a race against digital technologies. As for the industry itself, it is progressively forsaking its defensive stance and is striving to develop innovative offers and services. But the sequencing and the emergence of numerous new actors who do not participate in the financing of creation, call for modern and supranational solutions. While legal and regulatory frameworks need to evolve in order to sustain and encourage the distribution of on demand films, it is also urgent to collectively conceive a way for the digital natives’ new practices to contribute to a balanced support to production, which represents a fundamental condition to ensure the continued existence of cinema. This multidisciplinary research aims at finding actual solutions that will be able to overcome stereotypes as well as reconcile the motivations and constraints of the various actors: industries, creators, audiences, governments.

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